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Ellie Coulson

CEO at The Hamlet Charity

As the CEO of The Hamlet Charity, Ellie will talk about who the charity are, what they do and how people can support Hamlet's mission.

"We believe people with disabilities deserve to be valued for who they are.

By providing recreational, educational, and social opportunities, our children, young people, and adults can be themselves and reach their full potential. We deliver a high-quality supportive and nurturing environment that encourages our members to push their limits and achieve things their parents and caregivers sometimes did not know were possible. 

When The Hamlet Charity started life as the Norwich Toy Library, our founders Jack and Margaret Wymer had a clear vision of providing a safe, friendly, welcoming, and fun space for children of all abilities. A place where their families could make social connections and receive support, advice, and guidance.  With dogged determination and persistence their vision grew and to include a range of services for children, young people and adults with complex disabilities and health needs. Today, 50 years on, we are proud to continue their inspirational work."

Ellie Coulson

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