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Free meetups for anyone interested in SEO 

SearchNorwich launched in 2018 as a free marketing meetup event. Fast forward to now and our aims and values are still the same.

We invite top industry speakers to Norwich to share their knowledge, tips, and advice with the search marketing community. There are no sales agendas, fluff, or heavy pitches – just valuable insights!


Come to our ‘share, not sell’ talks on search marketing and SEO. You'll gain insights, make new connections, strengthen existing ones, and enhance your expertise.


We invite everyone to come and learn and be part of our inclusive and welcoming community. There are no barriers to entry.  

The venue

Fuel Studios Floor 5, Kiln House, Pottergate, Norwich NR2 1DX


How to get here

If you’re arriving by car, the nearest car park is Pottergate Car Park which is a 1 minute walk from the venue; alternatively, you can also use the St.Andrews Car park which is a 5 minute walk away.

For those using public transport, Norwich Station (Greater Anglia/EMR services) is an 18 minute walk away (or you can use the station taxi rank).

Travelling by bus? You'll find the nearest bus stop is Castle Meadow, which is a 6 minute walk from the venue.



This venue has wheelchair accessible room access, lifts and facilities.

The venue has a drop off point, just outside of the main entrance.

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About SearchNorwich

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  • Please do! Sometimes it can be intimidating to go to a room with a bunch of strangers.


    All you'll need to do is to share the event link with friends and colleagues, so they can sign up for the event.

  • We will always provide vegan and vegetarian and gluten-free options for food and drink where possible. In the case of specifically ordered food, we’ll put a label nearby so you know what is suitable for you. If you have any other dietary requirements please let us know.

  • Apart from meeting lovely people like yourself, you'll experience some of the most technical conversations going – “Why did Google say they weren’t parsing second-wave javascript inserted canonical tags when it’s proven they do?" – you know, the usual conversation starters!


    You’ll also meet people not like you, which is probably more important. Chat with in-house digital marketers or freelancers to hear what they’re saying about working with agencies and what they really need help with.


    There’s so much marketing talent in Norwich, including agencies working with huge global brands. Let’s learn together and help each other so we can all get better at our jobs and keep Norwich on the map!

  • Working in-house gives you the chance to get closer to the brand than anyone, but it’s a double-edged sword. It can be refreshing to meet agency people who work over a varied cross-section of verticals and have had the luxury of trying (and failing) with a wide range of strategies.


    Getting to know other digital marketers can lead to great conversations about how to handle the specific challenges of working in-house and how to get the best from agencies.


    It's all about collaboration and cooperation, when we learn together, it benefits everyone.