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Link building panel

Our panellists for SearchNorwich 15 are:

Jo O'Reilly (Freelance Digital PR Specialist)

Jo is a Freelance Digital PR Consultant from London, currently based in North West England. 

She has been working in Digital Marketing for the last 6 years both in-house and agency side, before that she was a journalist.

Tabby Farrar (Principal Content & Digital PR Consultant, Candour)

Tabby leads digital PR strategies across all of Candour’s clients and works with Candour’s SEO and content specialists to define effective on-site content activity.

Seven years of agency experience has seen her work with major travel brands, globally-renowned software providers and high-street banks, as well as small family businesses and start ups.

Fery Kaszoni (Managing Director, Search Intelligence)

Fery Kaszoni is the owner of PR link building agency Search Intelligence Ltd. Search Intelligence focus on crafting research-based stories on behalf of their clients to earn high-tier media coverage and links.

As well as the impressive link building statistics from Search Intelligence, Fery is a renowned singer songwriter and user of green screens.

Lydia Fox (Outreach Manager, Atlas SEO)

Lydia is the Outreach Manager at Atlas SEO, with several years of experience under her belt.

Lydia has organised and led global link-building campaigns, reaching all corners of the world - for a variety of niches and cultivated a robust personal network of publishers worldwide. 

Link building panel

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